Allen Farms Wheatgrass Proves Popular

by David Dadekian
Allen Farms Wheatgrass

Allen Farms Wheatgrass

Deb Barrett, owner of Allen Farms in Westport, Massachusetts, wants everyone to know how good wheatgrass is for you. Stop by her table at the Wednesday or Saturday Pawtucket/Wintertime Farmers Market and Barrett has a table display and handouts that she’s printed about all the benefits of wheatgrass along with several wheatgrass juice and smoothie recipes. Barrett, already known for growing some of the best organic herbs in the area, along with her hugely successful, tasty and good for you too, pea greens, has added grasses to her crops. Cat grass, which is excellent roughage for your feline friends, and wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass may be one of the original ultra-healthy, super-nutrient, detoxification foods. According to Barrett’s research, two ounces of wheatgrass juice contains the vitamins and minerals equivalent to three pounds of organic vegetables. The juice is approximately 70% chlorophyll, making it one of the best ingestible sources of chlorophyll available. Wheatgrass can help regulate blood pressure and blood sugar, helps heal infections, scarring and ulcers, and may even help slow the aging process. As for detoxification, wheatgrass is supposed to act as a safe agent for internal cleansing with processing powers more than ten times that of long-time detox favorites like carrot juice.

In this post-holiday season, when it seems like even food lovers are doing detoxes, head on over to the Allen Farms table at the Farmers Market and check out the wheatgrass for yourself. Be advised though, on her first Saturday selling the superfood, Barrett sold out before the market ended. But she’s growing more. Allen Farms, 913 Division Rd., Westport, MA 02748. Pawtucket/Wintertime Farmers Market, 1005 Main St., Pawtucket, RI 02860.

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