Providence Ranks Number Three on T+L’s America’s Best Cities for Foodies

by David Dadekian
Chef Matthew Gennuso of Chez Pascal

Chef Matthew Gennuso of Chez Pascal

Travel + Leisure magazine’s America’s Favorite Cities reader survey once again puts Providence in the top five, this time in the category of America’s Best Cities for Foodies. Highlighted in the posting were Chez Pascal, Nick’s on Broadway and RI seafood pioneers Trace and Trust. Previous top fives were in the categories Best Burgers and Best Coffee, among other favorites.

At this point my reaction to these titles seems to fall in the middle of a triangle with these three points:

  1. Thank you as always to Travel + Leisure readers
  2. Yes, that’s right: Providence. How is this still news to anyone?
  3. As lovely as the stock photo of Westminster Street is that Travel+Leisure keeps using to represent Providence in all these America’s Favorite Cities polls, it’s time for a new photo. There are plenty of beautiful photos of Providence out there.

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