Cluck! Approved By Providence Zoning, Next Steps to Open the Store’s Doors

by David Dadekian

Cluck! Urban Farm SupplyOn Monday evening, May 13, 2013, the Providence Zoning Board of Review approved Drake Patten’s request for a zoning variance for the property at 399 Broadway so that she can open an urban farm supply store named Cluck.

If this seems like a bit of déjà vu it’s because the Zoning Board approved the request three months ago and, through some legal wrangling by the opposition to Patten opening Cluck, it was overturned by the Superior Court. If you’re interested in reading all about that legal decision, please see this previous Eat Drink RI story. Today’s story is about moving forward and, to be completely truthful, I certainly hope this is the last Cluck story I have to write until I can publish a “Cluck is now open” story.

Once the Zoning Board publishes this most recent decision the opposition to Cluck are allowed twenty days to appeal, though hopefully the concessions Patten has agreed to—keeping a limited number of chickens and bees at the store and the coops hidden by plants, as well as not opening until noon on Sundays and leasing three parking spaces to the Sts. Vartanantz Church—will help to keep things moving forward smoothly.

Patten has posted on the Cluck Facebook page that she now needs to enter the Zoning decision at Providence City Hall, get a building permit (which she had already done after the last Zoning Board approval, so it may still stand), get a certificate of occupancy and register a sales permit with the State of Rhode Island. Once all that is complete Patten can open Cluck to the public, even if it is within the twenty day window for appeal.

Eat Drink RI offers cautious, optimistic congratulations to Patten on this latest victory. Congratulations and acknowledgment should also be given to the Providence West Side community who rallied around Cluck and helped donate $9,550 for Patten’s legal fees via a now-completed Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign set up by Cornydon Luxmoore.

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