Up-to-the-minute Feeds of Congressman Jim Langevin’s Rhode Island Food Week

by David Dadekian
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from left to right: Dale Venturini, Davide Dukcevich, Rep. Jim Langevin, Allan Tear, Jesse Rye
from left to right: Dale Venturini, Davide Dukcevich, Rep. Jim Langevin, Allan Tear, Jesse Rye

Congressman Jim Langevin kicked off a tour of food-related businesses in Rhode Island on Monday with a press conference at Daniele, Inc. in Burrillville. The tour is designed to “allow Langevin to meet leaders from agriculture, hospitality, manufacturing and food sales and discuss what tools they red to be successful and to help Rhode Island’s food economy grow.”

You can follow Langevin’s trip around Rhode Island which includes visits to Rogue Island, Warwick Ice Cream, Narragansett Creamery, Johnson & Wales University, Seafreeze, Nick’s on Broadway, Dave’s Marketplace, Baffoni’s Poultry Farm, Sons of Liberty Spirits, Verde Vineyards and more on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Both the Twitter and Instagram feeds using the tag #RIFoodWeek are live and up-to-the-minute (you may need to reload) on this page and the same tag is searchable on Facebook if you have an account.

Congressman Langevin is also posting updates and thoughts from the week on his site’s blog “Langevin Hits the Rhode.” The full Food Week news release from Congressman Langevin’s office follows below the Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Instagram of #RIFoodWeek

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Langevin Launches Food Week at Daniele Expansion Site
Tour Aims to Highlight and Support Food-Related Industries

Congressman Jim Langevin (D-RI) today kicked off a tour of the food-related businesses that have garnered the Ocean State a reputation as a food destination. Inspired by Davide Dukcevich, the co-owner of Daniele, Inc., this tour will allow Langevin to meet leaders from agriculture, fisheries, hospitality, manufacturing and food sales, and discuss what tools they need to be successful and to help Rhode Island’s food economy grow.

“When I met Davide back in August, he talked about the possibility of branding Rhode Island as the ‘Silicon Valley of Food’,” Langevin said. “That concept resonated with me, and I believe that the business savvy, enthusiasm and determination of individuals like Davide can make that idea a reality. I look forward to visiting a variety of businesses and hearing their suggestions for putting Rhode Island on the culinary map.”

The tour began at Daniele’s Burrillville location currently under construction. Along with Congressman Langevin, speakers at the kickoff included Davide Dukcevich, Jesse Rye of Farm Fresh Rhode Island, Dale Venturini of the Rhode Island Hospitality Association and Allan Tear of Rally Rhode Island.

“Rhode Island is uniquely positioned to develop and grow its food economy and Daniele is excited and pleased to be part of this effort,” said Davide Dukcevich, owner of Daniele,Inc. “With our local farmers, creative design culture, culinary experts and educators and dedicated food manufacturers and workforce we can do great things – as evidenced by Daniele’s local brand winning two National Good Food Awards. I thank Congressman Langevin for his efforts and foresight in helping develop our food valley.”

“Rhode Island is regularly named one of the top culinary spots in the northeast because we are fortunate to have some of the most talented restaurateurs and chefs in the country,” said Dale J. Venturini, President and CEO of the RI Hospitality Association. “Despite the economic challenges of the past several years, the hospitality industry continues to rank as one of the top five largest job producing industries in the state and we look to continue this trend for many years to come.”

“Rhode Island has all the right ingredients to be the center of culinary innovation in the U.S.,” said Allan Tear, Founder of Rally Rhode Island. “New food and beverage startups are joining our existing packaged food businesses in bringing their products to New England, the US, and the world. These food innovators create the kind of jobs that matter for Rhode Island.”

“Rhode Island is building a well-deserved reputation as a food destination and a big reason for that are the chefs, grocers and customers that prioritize supporting local farmers,” said Jesse Rye, Co-Executive Director of Farm Fresh Rhode Island. “Consumer values are driving changes in our food supply chain. We are demanding to know more about our food. Who grew it? How was it grown? How did it get to my table? Every time you raise a fork or knife you can make a statement – chose to support a local farmer. It’s good for the overall health of our state.”

Follow the progress of Food Week on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #RIFoodWeek and check Congressman Langevin’s blog for updates from each visit.


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