News Bites: The Shop Kickstarter, Harry’s Bar & Burger in CNN Top Ten, Commerce RI Economic Development Plan 2014

by David Dadekian

The ShopCurrent news releases—Eat Drink RI is not the source for these items—please follow any links for more information.

The Shop Kickstarter

A neighborhood coffee shop opening in Fox Point, Providence focusing on well-sourced ingredients and a ton of hospitality.

“In a few short weeks my husband and I are opening The Shop in Fox Point at 460 Wickenden Street. We could really use your help to get the word out about our Kickstarter campaign. Here’s the Kickstarter page and a little about us & what we’ll be bringing to Providence. We’re so excited to be a part of the community!

About Diana and JP:

We’re Service & Hospitality professionals with a deep personal interest in wholesome, well sourced, well made food & drink. We’ve spent the past 12 years in NYC and have returned home to open our own little coffee shop here in Providence.

Diana worked at Blue Hill for 6 years, JP managed Blue Hill at Stone Barns for 2, and we both became steeped in its “Know Thy Farmer” ethos. JP’s ideas about the importance of Service & Hospitality crystallized as he opened and managed a restaurant for Union Square Hospitality Group.

Share the link, donate if you can. Any and all support would be so very appreciated. We can’t wait to make you a coffee!”

Harry’s Bar & Burger in CNN Top Ten

Each year Josh Ozersky picks the “10 burgers you must eat this year” for CNN’s Eatocracy site and for 2014 he chose Providence’s own Harry’s Bar & Burger as one of his top ten. Read Ozersky’s praise for Harry’s at Eatocracy where he writes “this old-school classic was my favorite discovery of 2013.”

Commerce RI Economic Development Plan 2014

Rhode Island is our maverick history and our visionary future.

These documents outlines our strengths, competitive advantages, long-term challenges and actionable strategies for growth. It is our economic map: a snapshot of today and a detailed road to a thriving future. It represents the smart thinking of many of our state’s employers, employees, innovators, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and workforce—the 300 or so who gathered with us over months to talk about our local challenges, analyze industry trends and global impacts, and more so, agree on our opportunities to thrive. With these actions and strategies as our guide, we’ll find the assets, resources and active partners within our state—and together, move forward along a continuum of upward momentum and growth.

Ed. note: the Commerce RI Economic Development Plan 2014 is mentioned and linked here because it gives special mention to the Food and Beverage Industry in “Cultivating a Resilient Economy” section as well as in the “Promoting Greatness” section. 

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