The Blogetarian’s Review: Rogue Island Local Kitchen & Bar

by George Evans Marley

Rogue Island Local Kitchen & Bar 1The other day I wondered over to The Arcade for lunch with one of Providence’s most controversial drag queens. We had lunch, gin was had and it was a golden, absolutely fabulous, afternoon!

Rogue Island was the destination for lunch and I was so pleased with the location decision. The Arcade, the country’s first indoor mall, ever, is great for any occasion. The Arcade is perfect for a Drag Brunch, a benefit gala or just a cocktail at the end of the day in The Arcade’s speakeasy, New Harvest Coffee and Spirits.

Surrounded by “business suits,” tourists and “staycationers,” the lunch atmosphere was both political and casual. While we discussed local and national politics, Yolandi Fizzure and I tried the brand NEW Yacht Club Soda‘s “Soda Pop Poll” – Hillary’s Liberal Limeade & Donald’s Populist Punch.

I tried them both. As a flavor I’m partial to fruit punch because its nostalgic, think: Lunchables, picnics and midnight munchies. However, this was not my favorite of the two.

When I want something I can rely on I choose a third party, something refreshing, like green tea.

Since I only had two choices I absolutely went with the limeade. It reminded me of popsicles on a summer day, and what’s better than that? #imwithherlimeade was crisp and flavorful. I had other words to describe it, but I deleted those emails.

Both Yolandi and I had burgers and they were great. I only wish I had gone carb free. The option to add applewood smoked bacon brought the meal over the top. The seasoned wedge french fries were out of this world and I wish I had ordered a giant bowl of them. The service was timely, friendly and knowledgable.

Parking is on street only. I was in a rush and parked in a no-parking zone–I got a ticket. Don’t worry, I paid it.

Go to The Arcade! It’s amazing. The shop owners are rad and the experience is one of a kind.

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