Travel + Leisure Continues Showing Love for Food and Drink in Providence

by David Dadekian

Rhode Island State HouseOften on Travel + Leisure‘s annual list of America’s Favorite Cities—and sometimes above Boston, as it was last year—Providence is featured in two more of the magazines Best Of lists, and both items highlight the food scene in town.

First, Providence was named one of America’s Best Coffee Cities. Providence is on the list at #4, one spot above New York, and trouncing Boston. The Travel + Leisure site makes special note of Coffee Exchange on Wickenden Street as a local favorite.

More recently, Travel + Leisure put Providence on their list of World’s Most Underrated Cities. That’s right, World’s. The brief description online begins with the sentence, “Move over Boston.” In addition to mentioning the waterfront, arts and shopping in town, Travel + Leisure highlights two bars, The Avery and E & O Tap, before going on to call out Cook & Brown Public House as a  “Don’t Miss” spot.

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