Join the Kickstarter to finance a Haven Brothers Diner documentary

by David Dadekian
Haven Brothers: Legacy of the American Diner

Haven Brothers: Legacy of the American Diner

Video producer Jeff Toste has begun production on a documentary about Haven Brothers Diner, the oldest operating American diner on wheels. The mobile restaurant is a fixture on Fulton Street, right outside Providence City Hall, every night until the wee hours of the morning. One of the first, if not the first, diners in the country, Haven Brothers could also be considered a precursor to the currently crazily popular food trucks. Toste has turned to Kickstarter to finance the completion of his documentary and is in need of backers for his project.

For those who haven’t used Kickstarter before, it is a widely-used crowdfunding site. You can pay a varying dollar amount, in the case of Toste’s Haven Brothers documentary he is looking for payments from $5 up to $5,000, and in exchange you get a piece of merchandise or other item once the project has been completed. Essentially you’re making a payment on a future purchase, allowing the creator to complete their project. For example, pay $25 today, Toste gets to finish his documentary, and you get a copy of it on DVD when it’s complete.

Here’s the catch, the creator doesn’t actually get any of the funding unless their goal is met by a certain date. Toste needs to raise $25,000 by June 23 or he doesn’t get any money. At the moment the Haven Brothers: Legacy of the American Diner Kickstarter has only raised over $2,000. If you’re interested in seeing a documentary made on this fascinating Rhode Island icon, head over to the Kickstarter page and make a payment now. Your credit card is not charged for your payment amount unless the $25,000 goal is met on June 23. Below is the introductory video Toste has produced to sell the documentary.

Eat Drink RI has no connection to the fundraising or production of Haven Brothers: Legacy of the American Diner other than potentially backing through Kickstarter. We found it to be a newsworthy, local food project.

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