With Only Weeks to Go Until Election Day, the Yacht Club “Soda Pop Poll” Delivers an Update

by David Dadekian
Yacht Club Bottling Works "Soda Pop Poll" 2020, photo by David S. Dadekian
Yacht Club Bottling Works “Soda Pop Poll” 2020, photo by David S. Dadekian

Yacht Club Bottling Works, The Official Soda and Water Company of Rhode Island, is releasing some preliminary results from this year’s Soda Pop Poll, and depending on your taste in candidates, the results may be shocking.

You might cry, “FAKE NEWS!” but as of mid-September, Donald’s Big League Punch holds a commanding 52% lead over Joe’s Berry-Blue Lemonade at 36%. Perhaps even more of an upset is the 12% of the vote being held onto by the independent seasonal favorite Berrymelon Rebellion. You can affect the final results of this poll by buying up your favorite of these Limited Release flavors now through election season, or while supplies last.

These preliminary results aren’t just from local sales but countrywide, as the Yacht Club Soda Pop Poll flavors can be found throughout the Midwest and West Coast in such notable soda pop retailers as Pops 66, Real Soda Distribution, Jim’s Apple Farm Minnesota Largest Candy Store, Blue Sun Soda and KC Soda Shop. 

Meanwhile, the pundits have been peppering Yacht Club owner John Sgambato with big questions: Is it the bold, punchy flavor that has given Donald the edge over Joe’s lemonade with a twist? What is it about the strawberry watermelon soda pop that is keeping a 3rd party vote alive? Is the x-factor swaying voters the Limited Release label art by nationally syndicated sports, editorial and entertainment cartoonist/artist and Rhode Island resident, Frankie Galasso? Sgambato responded, “The public has been voting with their palates since the flavors were released in May and the only thing they seem to agree on is that it’s all delicious!”

All three Soda Pop Poll flavors are available at the Yacht Club Bottling Works Factory Store in North Providence—see their Facebook page at facebook.com/yachtclubsoda for updated hours, will be sold at farmers markets and can be found in stores and restaurants through distribution by McLaughlin & Moran. Plus, the Yacht Club site at yachtclubsoda.com offers online ordering and will ship all their flavors to anywhere in the United States.

As reported previously: in 2016 the palates of New Englanders predicted the winner of the election. Of the 48,048 politically themed bottles sold that summer and fall, 46.3% of them were Donald’s Populist Punch, proving narrowly more popular than Hillary’s Liberal Limeade. Don’t miss out on your chance to vote in the 2020 Soda Pop Poll!

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