Please Support Eat Drink RI through Patreon

by David Dadekian
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David here, peeling back the curtain a little bit. Eat Drink RI has reached a point where I can’t support all that I try to do, especially this site, without some financial support. In the past, income would come from our fantastic local business community, but in light of current events I can’t think about asking for money from struggling businesses, especially from those that I love so much.

I’m hoping the public will support me with a monthly Patreon payment, whatever that may be. Do you count on for its information or events calendar? Maybe you’ve used the job board to post or get a job? Have you shopped one of my farmers markets? Are you a fan of my cooking videos or video interview series? Have you attended an EDRI event and would you consider a monthly Patreon fee a downpayment on producing future events?

If you appreciate what EDRI does, please consider supporting it today, and thank you!

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