City Dining Cards Releases Providence Edition

by David Dadekian
City Dining Cards: Providence Edition

City Dining Cards: Providence Edition

City Dining Cards has come to Providence and Eat Drink RI is helping to get the word out about the deck of $10 discounts (on $30 meals) to some of the area’s most popular restaurants. The reason we got behind this product is, unlike a lot of national products like entertainment coupon books and discount deals sites, the people behind City Dining Cards really work to have each city’s deck be a local product. The Cards can generate business for local restaurants, the decks are being sold at local stores (and online, it is 2012), and City Dining Cards donates a portion of their sales to a local charity, the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.

In a nutshell: you buy a deck at a local retailer for $20, you get fifty $10 coupons, you visit a local restaurant and spend at least $30 (probably more and also hopefully becoming a repeat customer) and $1 goes to the Food Bank.

The cards are available now. All the release details from City Dining Cards is below. Go shop and eat!

In each deck of City Dining Cards: Providence Edition, you’ll find 50 $10 discount cards to our favorite locally owned restaurants like Flan y Ajo, Hemenway’s, Local 121, Trinity Brewhouse, New Rivers, Providence Oyster Bar, XO Café and Tortilla Flats. There are no blackout dates and every card is valid through December 31, 2013.

Decks sell for only $20 at places like Bottles, Homestyle, Curatorium, Pleasant Surprise and Whole Foods, and they help you save more than $500 all year long.

Here’s how it works: 1) Spend $30 or more at a featured restaurant; 2) Redeem your City Dining Card with payment; 3) Receive $10 off the food portion of your bill.

City Dining Cards promotes spending money locally, and keeping dollars in your community. Decks are printed on FSC-certified paper and 5% of City Dining Cards’ sales in Providence are donated to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.

For more information, give us a call or check out the City Dining Cards website at

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Eat Drink RI has a card in the City Dining Cards: Providence Edition deck promoting our upcoming Eat Drink RI Festival in exchange for this post and advertising on the site.

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