Maria Meza of Providence’s Dolores Nominated for James Beard Foundation Best Chef: Northeast 2024 Award

by David Dadekian
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Congratulations to Maria Meza on her long overdue nomination for Best Chef: Northeast. The nomination is for one person and Maria is certainly the powerhouse and loving matriarch of a family, and a family of employees, who I’ve been fortunate to know since they opened their first restaurant 17 years ago. That second photo with young Joaquin is from around that time when we first met (I’ve got a photo with Marco where he looks like a teenager, but that’s for another post)!

I can’t say enough wonderful things here about all the Mezas or about the better than award-winning food that has come out of their restaurants—in addition to leading the country on the highest quality tequila and mezcal. Every time I produced an event or helped a fundraiser, if I asked, they said yes and Maria was there. I’m beyond happy for them, and I know there’s so much more to come.

That last photo is my view of pure joy and in thinking about it, Maria may be the single person I’ve had more shots with than anyone on Earth. 😀 You know what the secret ingredient is that has led to this Best Chef nomination and all the delicious food—love. Sounds corny, but you know it’s true.

Salud to the first family and mother of food. We love you, Maria!

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